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Refund Policy

Unfortunately, we do not refund payments for completed projects, however, if there is an issue with the quality of the work performed, within certain reasonable parameters, we will be happy to come back to address any problems or concerns and work with our clients to solve the issue.

Unreasonable Expectations

At Ainsworth Precision Flooring LLC, we truly want to produce quality craftsmanship, and that is what we strive to do. Of course, there are a few unreasonable expectations when working with hardwoods, and there can be a variety of factors, including weather extremes, that may affect the drying and curing time of polyurethane and possibly slight texturing of the coat under certain conditions. There will be hairline cracks, as we are working with wood. We use wood filler, but some minor hairline cracks, where the wood meets, are likely to be present. There may also be small not holes and imperfections in different species of wood. We do cull out the worst of the knotholes and imperfections in the wood planks. There may also be small nail holes on nail down floors. We will not leave nail holes all over of course, but a small few may be missed during the filling process, as we are human after all.

Going against the contractors instructions

Ainsworth Precision Flooring LLC will not be held responsible for repairing floors for free when instructions are not followed during the final coating process. If the house is entered and damaged by footprints during the final drying and curing of the polyurethane during the final coat process, additional charges will apply. Fixing damage, such as this, is a very time consuming repair that may result in re-sanding and refinishing the job.


Ainsworth Precision Flooring LLC strives to give our clients quality craftsmanship at a competitive price. We do suggest our clients inspect and address any problems or concerns at the time payment is due.

Scratches and gouges from furniture

Hardwood floors are easily damaged when heavy items are dragged across them. Ainsworth Precision Flooring LLC is not held responsible for scratches or gouges from furniture being moved by an outside entity such as furniture movers or home owners. We can suggest ways to try to hide the damage, but we suggest using felt pads on the bottom of furniture after having hardwood installed. Furniture moving is costly, but the professionals are far less likely to damage your floors when replacing furniture.

Arbitration Agreement

Ainsworth Precision Flooring LLC is happy to work with our clients to fix our mistakes, but if you are still unhappy with services rendered we would prefer to use an arbitrator to keep both parties from having to spend expensive legal fees to solve disputes.

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